Why Choose Us for Unforgettable African Safari Tours

At Kikwetu Cultural Adventures, we stand out as the ideal choice for unforgettable African safari tours. With our expertise in crafting exceptional safari experiences, you can expect personalized itineraries, knowledgeable guides, immersive cultural encounters, and the opportunity to witness Africa’s magnificent wildlife in their natural habitats. We prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and responsible travel practices, ensuring that every moment of your safari adventure with us is truly remarkable. Choose Kikwetu Cultural Adventures and embark on a journey that will leave you with lifelong memories of Africa’s beauty and cultural richness.

At Kikwetu Cultural Adventures, we go an extra length to ensure we create tailor made African safari packages that are budget friendly and extremely exciting at the same time. We strive to ensure the best value for your hard earned money.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures has invested in a highly qualified team of experienced and friendly staff who include safari managers, accountants, tour planners, tour leaders, tour guides and support staff who work passionately to ensure our clients are fully satisfied. Our team is dedicated and well versed in international and local matters, deeply experienced in wildlife, communities, cultures, terrains, geographical features, historical matters and modern lifestyles thus ensuring an all rounded understanding of all aspects of tourism, adventure, holiday making, groups handling and much more.
We pride ourselves in being a company that designs and delivers completely personalized tailor made African safaris that suits your requirements. If you want to visit specific places within Africa, we allow for your input and correspond with local agents to book, reserve, compare and tailor a perfect itinerary for you. Our company has liaised with many tour agents, hotels and organizations within Africa to ensure that no matter where you would like to go, we can seamlessly arrange and guarantee a smooth travel experience. Cross border clearances, hotel bookings, game park entries, local guidance, translation services and all that you would require will be provided to you effortlessly. Just plan your African safari according to your taste and budget and we will put the pieces together for you to make your dream African holiday a reality.
At Kikwetu Cultural Adventures, client policy is a 24/7 access guarantee, where we have dedicated consultants who listen, correspond, research, advise, compare and communicate with you at each stage of your safari and holiday planning. Our dedication is to ensure that no matter how small or detailed your request is, it is responded to and where necessary, changes enacted to ensure a fully satisfying package. Give us a call, raise us on social media, email us, visit our pages on popular safari links websites and read our reviews. Your requests for information will be handled in a very timely manner always.
We provide variety and numerous African tours that guarantee unforgettable experience. For all manner of African safari needs, we have something for you with numerous options. For African holiday makers, safari enthusiasts, game lovers as well as beach lovers, cultural heritage not forgetting the most captivating landscapes. Just make a choice and book your African safari with us, we promise you a return of your investment.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures offers African safaris fully ran by locals in the respective areas of travel allowing in-depth knowledge, experience and ensuring a completely exciting delivery of the expectations of our discerning travelers. Get immersed into the African beauty in each country you travel through with our local guides, translators, tour leaders and drivers. Traversing through Africa you will discover great beauty in diversity of languages, cultures, politics and the kind of activities you can engage in and having local direction is the ultimate experience as you are guaranteed of the best experiences.
All along the process of identifying, choosing, tailoring and delivering a memorable travel or African holiday experience, proper and timely correspondence is paramount and very vital. Our company has put in place infrastructure and human resources to ensure a seamless availability of our consultants round the clock as well as in-depth safari and destinations knowledge to allow for accurate, reliable and factual information at all stages. We strive to inform you and respond to your queries so you can relax and prepare for your trip fully assured that all matters have been planned up to the point.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures has offers on some of the rarest and exclusive deals you cannot find anywhere else. From visits to the Mongolia territories to the elephant’s migration in Botswana and romantic beach holidays in Kenya and Zanzibar Islands, you need it we got it. From low budget holidays in the upcountry sub-urban lands in Africa to high end African safaris and holidays, we have it all lined up for you.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures is ran by youthful staff who are the best of both worlds. Coming from the travel styles of the 80’s and now in the 21st century, a lot has changed in styles, trends and with it the expectations of modern travelers. Our team is dedicated to meet the desires and expectations of all travelers around the world young and old at the same time. We will dig into cities discovering day life and nightlife for fun lovers, hike mountains and walk paths to discover the hidden treasures of African bushes, rare wildlife and fascinating geographical features that you wouldn’t see anywhere on Geographical TV Channels.