African Cultural Safaris

Kikwetu Cultural Adventures offers you the opportunity to traverse the African continent discovering the beauty of the diverse cultures from one country to the other. Africa is undoubtedly the melting pot for age old cultures the world over as recorded in Egypt being the world oldest civilization and the undisputed discoveries in Kenya of the existence of the earliest man. This continent is endowed with deeply enticing and intriguing cultures that are so perfected and captivating to make any discerning traveler want to mingle and spend a moment indulging.

Ethiopian Cultural Safari Tour (8 Days)

As you embark on our Ethiopian Cultural Safari tour, you'll witness some of the most impressive

Ethiopian Danakil Depression Tour (11 Days)

Nothing on this planet is quite as spectacular as the Ethiopian Danakil Depression tour and Omo

Ethiopian Historic and Cultural Safari (16 Days)

This is a great African safari that visits the very best of the Ethiopian historic cultural

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