African Adventure Safaris

Africa is endowed with the most picturesque and romantic places and activities that can entice and touch the discerning traveler. For adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts there are numerous options available. If you are looking for an adventure holiday in Africa then Kikwetu Cultural Adventures is where you should be as we bring to you the real feeling of touring Africa. Get a glimpse of life from Egypt down to South Africa via myriad countries each of which has something unique and intriguing to offer. Discover game parks, mountains, islands, rivers, lakes, cities, suburbs, villages, manyattas, dungeons and holes where you will find the rarest of species across the planet dwelling in natural environments as creation so desired.

Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls Adventure (12 Days)

This 12 Days Botswana Safari and Victoria Falls Adventure will begin in Botswana. This beautiful African

Botswana Safari Tours and Holidays (11 Days)

This Botswana safari tours is bound to share many remarkable encounters with marvelous animals and vivid

Botswana Wildlife Adventure Safari (12 Days)

During this Botswana wildlife adventure safari you will be able to sightsee the best game viewing

Ethiopian Danakil Depression Tour (11 Days)

Nothing on this planet is quite as spectacular as the Ethiopian Danakil Depression tour and Omo

Ethiopian Historic and Cultural Safari (16 Days)

This is a great African safari that visits the very best of the Ethiopian historic cultural

Namibia Adventure and Wildlife Safari (6 Days)

During this Namibia adventure wildlife safari you will have an opportunity to visit Namibia's spectacular tour

Namibia Adventure Safari Tours (14 Days)

This Namibia adventure safari tours, starts and ends in Windhoek Namibia. This African safari takes you

Namibia Wildlife and Adventure Safari (10 Days)

This Namibia wildlife adventure safari, starts and ends in Windhoek Namibia. This African safari takes you

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari (3 Days)

Uncover the Enchanting Secrets of Gorilla Trekking in Uganda with Kikwetu Cultural Adventures Our carefully curated

Uganda Wildlife and Gorilla Trekking Safari (10 Days)

Uganda wildlife and gorilla trekking safari will take you to Murchison falls national park which is

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