Apart from safaris and tourism, our African corporate social responsibility embraces the principal of giving back to society through responsible and sustainable activities. We have engaged in many community based projects in the areas of community development, environmental conservation, cultural preservation, youth empowerment etc. We have been arranging active drives with the community around us through sponsorship, planning workshops, mobilizing interest groups to respond to various issues around us. Below are some of the areas we are involved in:

At Kikwetu Cultural Adventures, we value the education of our youths and realize that sometimes bright and very promising students may miss education due to high levels of poverty in the family, family conflicts and ignorance. We are supporting the education of many needy students from the less fortunate families through collaboration with the local communities. This comes in form of school fees payments, purchase of uniforms, medical covers, building of basic school amenities like toilets, bathrooms, waste pits, fencing, water supplies, solar backup power etc. in partnership with schools and local administration.
Sports are very exciting spectacles for the young and old alike. We organize sporting events that include friendly and competitive soccer tournaments, scouting adventures as well as talent search contests in art and music. The height of which takes place in December and offers great opportunity to engage and relate with the community as well as creating cohesion within the local communities thus promoting peace, responsibility and trust.
Our latest project is a production studio which is aimed at identifying, nurturing and promoting art and music talents among the local youth and community alike. We organize performances and give the artists platforms to show case their talents in arts, craft and music. This helps them to build confidence and interact with communities.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures as the name depicts is anchored deeply in marketing our local cultures and their beauty. Throughout Kenya, a rich cultural diversity exists in art, music, clothing, traditional skills, food and even sports. We are working together with local communities to promote these cultures and preserve it for posterity. Through Kikwetu Cultural Adventures Festivals, we organize traditional music dances, performance arts, sculptures, paintings, sporting activities, weaving, beadworks and storytelling for different communities.
Kikwetu Cultural Adventures is also an active in local health matters in promoting health care. With our willing donors we support the health centers with needed items. We also together with stakeholders organize health clinics, awareness in nutrition, child care, infectious diseases, drug abuse and teen pregnancies.
We have embarked on various agricultural projects through community groups where we promote modern farming methods and production of economically viable produce. Uniting youth in groups as well as men and women groups has allowed us to offer valuable training in plant health, seedlings, tree planting, bee keeping, poultry, dairy farming as well as pig farming. The end result has been improved livelihoods due to returns from sales of local and export products including vegetables, honey, milk products, beef and pork as well as many more value added products.
As an entity serving in the area, we have a responsibility to join hands and be active in responding to any emergencies that may arise. Our organization responds to disasters including fires, flash floods, drought and lately the COVID pandemic by identifying needy members of society and supplying food stuff, sanitary towels, medicine, farming implements, seedlings, home reconstructions etc.