We join Africa in condemning Wildlife poaching
rhino conservation in Kenya olpejeta conservancy during Kenya safari tours

Poaching in Africa has been a very big menace to wildlife conservation. Worried animal rights activists, concerned park rangers, wildlife conservation organizations and animal enthusiasts are all shouting out to the world. If poaching continues like it is today, several animal species will be completely wiped out soon. Not tomorrow, not next year, but within our lifetime. We us Kikwetu Cultural Adventures we say, this is unacceptable! It’s time for us to rise up and do something about it.
Our Conservation Plan

  1. Spreading awareness
    We are spreading awareness through social media campaigns against wildlife poaching. We use hashtags such as: #ivoryisuncool #rhinohornisnotmedicine #africanwildlifeconservation #savetherhinos #savetheelephants #stoppoaching #stopkillingouranimals etc.
  2. Shop Consciously
    Look at labels, ask local shops about the heritage of the products you buy and ask shop owners to stop selling endangered products. And of course, never ever buy ivory, rhino horn, fur, nor eat meat from endangered animals.
  3. Travel Sustainably
    If you plan to travel to Africa, please do your research. Choose an ethical tour operator like Kikwetu Cultural Adventures to help you plan your trip with a good conscious. While on a safari, please turn off your geotagging feature and do not reveal the location of where the photos were taken as this information may be detected by poachers. If you want to be more active, think about volunteering at an African wildlife conservation facility near you.