Welcome to Kikwetu Cultural Adventures. We arrange safaris for people with passion and in search of African cultures, gorilla trekking, beach holidays, wildlife and wilderness. As Africans we are bound to show you many of the intimate and interesting details of our lifestyle and cultural heritage. If you need a really personalized safaris, we believe that we can give you the very best.

Our reputation has been built on a high level of commitment of personal service and it is with this kind of services we offer that it is of no doubt that our clients are very comfortable booking with us. We take care of every details, whether large or small, everything has our complete attention with the ultimate objective of ensuring your total satisfaction during your holidays. Note that we are also represented on SafariBookings.com

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, youths, students, company staffs, with family or friends, we have the right safari package that will meet your holiday needs. We give room for the tailor made itineraries. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can come up with the exact safari that you wish to have. What you need to do; just tell us the number of days you want to go for safari, the places you want to visit, the type of safari e.g. wildlife, beach, culture and so on, the country you would like to visit and the accommodation type and we will give you an itinerary that you will love.

Why Choose Us

Incredible Enlightenment

Kikwetu Cultural Adventure offers incredible enlightenment and real energy to life. Your customized Safaris are planned to arouse your enthusiastic moments of life and to propel you towards achieving your dreams. Kikwetu team works closely with its clients in planning catalytic safaris, adventures and expeditions that inspire people to achieve more in life. Choose us today to have a magnificent experience.

Something New

Are you enthusiastic in learning a new thing? Then, Kikwetu Cultural Adventures is for you. We believe that learning something new engenders solutions to different problems; therefore, planning your tours, safaris, adventure and expeditions leads to establish new revelations in life. Furthermore, our adventurous itinerary will amplify your ideation and synergies your personal development and professional growth. Choose us today to have a magnificent experience

Extend Your Lucidity

The diverse, unique cultural experience in Kenya and East Africa is a great impetus for lucidity of your life. The rich diverse cultures couple with great beauty in East Africa is a sure source of education. Kikwetu works with you for mutual growth. Choose us today to have a magnificent experience

Delving deeper in Kenya

Kikwetu Cultural Adventures believes in delving deep in the rich and magnificent cultures in Kenya. With 42 tribes of different cultures, Kenya is indeed a land of diversity. As Kenyans we would like to share with you this cultural diversity. Choose us today to have a magnificent experience.

Keep Moving

Why work hard and fail to enjoy the pleasure of hard work. Your hard work depicts that you have a great drive, enthusiasm, and synergy to move. Kikwetu Cultural Adventures would like to work with you in planning a great safari which would keep you moving in life.

Fulfilling Your Dream

Personal and professional success calls for taking charge. Breeding confidence and self-motivation will set plans on motion. The initiative of setting your plans in motion enhances the creativity and innovation to positively impact your environment. We are well prepared to successfully walk with you. Choose us today to have a magnificent experience.


Cultural Safaris

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Beach Holidays Safaris

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Wildlife & Game Drive Safaris

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Gorilla Trekking Adventures

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Special Tours

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